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Le Corbusier Plans Online


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu insgesamt rund 38.000 Plänen, Skizzen und Studien aus 325 Projekten des französisch-Schweizer Architekten und Stadtplaners Le Corbusier (1887–1965), die in der Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris archiviert sind. Alle von Le Corbusier geplanten Gebäude werden von international führenden Experten kommentiert, die realisierten Projekte sind durch Fotografien reich bebildert. Die hochaufgelösten, farbigen Digitalisate der Pläne und Skizzen sind vollständig druckbar.

Le Corbusier Plans Online

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Echelle-1, Fondation Le Corbusier

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Le Corbusier (1887-1965). One of the most influential architects of the 20th century. He left behind a legacy of designs and plans, spanning almost 38,000 notes, diagrams, plans and drawings, covering his 325 projects. Fondation Le Corbusier, established in 1968, painstakingly collected these designs and plans so that Le Corbusier's legacy can be properly passed along to future generations of architects and scholars. The high-definition digital archive, Le Corbusier Plans, was developed by Echelle-1 in partnership with Fondation Le Corbusier.

Echelle-1 spent seven laborious years to digitize and catalogue the Foundation's superb collection of Le Corbusier's lifetime of architectural works, covering his 325 projects starting from 1905 through to 1964. Now, in a world first, the master architect's complete legacy is offered as a comprehensive digital archive, available as an online research tool. In addition to the archive collection itself, Le Corbusier Plans Online offers additional photographs and introductions by world-famous researchers and architects, discussing Le Corbusier's various projects. Le Corbusier Plans Online is an outstanding tool of study of the master architect's legacy, intended for students, researchers, architects, and scholars.

Plans Archive:

  • Complete archive and project contents available online with extensive filter and search functions - High-definition images can be zoomed-in to view fine details
  • All users can access the service concurrently
  • Service is device agnostic; use with any computing platform, from smartphones to tablets to personal computers

Faculty Messaging:

  • Faculty members can send system-wide messages and bookmark key projects and images for student assignments

Additional Contents:

  • "Architectural Journal", Echelle-1's publication on architectural topics curated from international sources, to be published on-site

Site Administration:

  • Customized website created specifically for each institution
  • Administration-free, automated user sign-up process
  • User authorization validated via institution designated email domains and IP addresses
  • Service contract model negates software obsolescence concerns

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