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Qur'an Gateway


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Philologisches Recherche- und Analysetool zum Koran und seinen frühen Handschriften in Text und Bild. Die Textgrundlage bildet der 1924 in Kairo veröffentlichte und als Kairiner Koranausgabe bekannte Druck.

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Explore Qur'an Gateway, a new, powerful tool for the critical study of the Qur'anic text and its early manuscripts. With advanced search functions and an incredibly simple-to-use, flexible and powerful interface Qur'an Gateway empowers your analysis of Islam's founding text.


  • By sura, verse, word or word combinations
  • In Arabic or Latin script
  • By root, lemma, or exact inflection
  • Filter by use, case, gender, number, person, form, provenance or any combination of these
  • Search single or multiple terms and phrases


  • Side-by-side display of Arabic script, transliteration and selectable English translation
  • Hover over any word for automatic display of translation, transliteration, parsing, and links to dictionaries, word associations and search shortcuts
  • One-click reference to a variety of standard dictionaries and lexica
  • Examine roots and their usage
  • Examine word associations


  • Display search results in chart or table formats
  • Create visually pleasing displays of search results with built-in, one-click chart creation
  • Examine hundreds of charts included on the site
  • Click through charts to underlying passages and data

Explore Qur'anic Formulaic Diction

  • Examine our list of 3, 4, or 5-word formulae
  • Discover formulaic value for verse, sura or the entire Qur'an
  • Highlight formulae in script or search results

Discover Early Qur'anic Manuscripts

  • Examine list of over 300 separate manuscripts, their current locations and contents
  • Explore a list of scribal changes indentified by our scholars
  • Link from the text to images of identified scribal changes

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