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Online-Service mit integriertem Zugang zu über 2.100 Fachzeitschriften sowie rund 28.000 E-Books, E-Book-Kapiteln und Rezensionen von über 300 Verlagen und Informationsanbietern aus 19 Ländern der arabischen Welt, rund 30.000 Dissertationen und 300.000 Abstracts aus einem breiten Spektrum von Fachbereichen. Updates: laufend.


Verlag :: Publisher

Knowledge World Company for Digital Content (KWC)

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  • Academic Journals and Statistical Periodicals
  • Arab Thesis Database
  • E-books & book reviews
  • e-Marefa Databank for Islamic Economics & Finance
  • e-Marefa Database for the Publications of the Center for Arab Unity Studies
  • e-Marefa Database for the publications of Obeikan
  • e-Marefa Databank for Arab Polls

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e-Marefa Specialized Database

  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Islamic Studies and Arabic literature
  • Military & Security Database
  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Conflict, Violence, and Peace
  • Educational Sciences
  • Pharmacy, Health ,and Medical & Allied Sciences
  • Engineering Sciences, and Information Technology
  • Economics, Finance & Business Administration
  • Natural and Life Sciences
  • Legal & Islamic Fiqh Resources
  • Maghreb Studies
  • Media Studies and Social Networking
  • Woman Studies
  • Youth Studies
  • Social & Charitable Work and Endowments
  • Water, Energy, & Environment Issues
  • The GCC-Iranian Affairs
  • Turkey & the Arab World

Preis auf Anfrage / Price on request

Das Angebot richtet sich nicht an Verbraucher i. S. d. § 13 BGB und Letztverbraucher i. S. d. PAngV.

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

e-Marefa Database is A Leading & Integrated Arab Database of full text & comprehensive metadata that contains around 2,200,000 records including: (academic journals, articles, theses and dissertations, e-books & book reviews, statistical reports, research abstracts, conference proceedings,... etc.) and covering all disciplines & fields.

e-Marefa has the following characteristics:

  • Diversity and Comprehensiveness: e-Marefa database encompasses diverse disciplines and scientific specialties whereas each specialty has its own database.
  • MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data: e-Marefa database utilizes MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data which is automatically read and comprehended between computer systems in the Arab World and globally. Thus it meets the technical requirements for digital libraries.
  • Copyright and intellectual property: Agreements have been signed with around 300 organizations in 19 Arab countries to incorporate their knowledge products (journals, theses, e-Books, reports, etc. in e-Marefa database. These agreements comply with copyright regulations and provide the protection for intellectual property for the publishing authorities that work together with e-Marefa.
  • Reasonable subscription prices: e-Marefa database provides flexible pricing structure to consider needs of all subscribers and offers special discounts for associations or group subscriptions.
  • Modernity: e-Marefa database covers the most recent years of publication of various academic contents (journals, reports, and others ...).
  • Immediate results of relevance: e-Marefa database provides relevant search results to meet the thematic requirements of researchers in various disciplines of scientific knowledge and in an immediate and rapid manner.
  • Ease of use: e-Marefa database has a user interface that provides an easy and highly flexible interactive method of communication between the beneficiary and the system.
  • An integrated content within a single window: e-Marefa database allows its users the ability to navigate in numerous sources of information that provide large, diverse and comprehensive content in a way that guarantees saving time and effort during the search and retrieval process.
  • Access to reliable content at any time: e-Marefa database ensures its users access to valuable and reliable scientific content that is provided directly from its original sources at any time and place and when direct access is required
  • Overall quality: e-Marefa database is subject to a series of scientific steps and a variety of quality assurance processes that aim to control and guarantee the quality of the content presented to the beneficiaries.


  • 2,100 Academic & Statistical Periodicals
  • 430,000 Full Texts Articles
  • 28,000 Arab Theses
  • 28,000 e-Books , Book chapters, & Book Reviews
  • 300,000 Research Abstracts
  • 6,100 Arabic Reviews for International Theses & Dissertations.

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