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CNKI Academic eBooks


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 14.000 E-Books von Chinas bedeutendsten wissenschaftlichen Verlagen, darunter The Yellow River Publishing Media Group, Zhejiang Publishing Group, Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House und China Renmin University Press und andere.
Sämtliche Titel können einzeln via Pick&Choose oder im Rahmen von fachbereichs-/themenbezogenen Paketen durch einmaligen Datenkauf erworben werden.
Darüber hinaus steht Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) als Erwerbungsmodell zur Verfügung. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1905 ff. Updates: monatlich.

CNKI Academic eBooks



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China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) now offers an e-book collection giving researchers access to more than 14,000 academic and historical e-books from China's most authoritative scholarly publishers. With new e-books added continuously, CNKI has established agreements with more than 35 authoritative publishing houses, including The Yellow River Publishing Media Group, Zhejiang Publishing Group, Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House, China Renmin University Press, and more. All publications are specially selected for the needs of academic research and are mainly historical, informative, and research-oriented.

The CNKI Academic E-Book collection contains select publications, representing six fields of academic study:

  • Literature/History/Philosophy
  • Economics & Management
  • Politics/Military Affairs/Law
  • Education & Social Sciences
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Architecture/Energy/Technology

In addition, many titles are organized by subject topic, for example:

  • Publications from Republican Era China
  • Collection of Shanghai Literature
  • Chinese Arts
  • Chinese Culture
  • Publications from the Chinese Social Science Press
  • English books

The collection includes more than 14,000 titles, including more than 750 bilingual Chinese-English publications, with imprint dates from 1905 to current. The e-books are hosted on a custom-built web-based platform by CNKI; use of the product does not require the use or installation of any plug-ins or software. E-book titles may be read online or downloaded as PDF in the original book format with no need for an additional reader. All pages, including illustrated pages and advertisements, are presented in full image, with 100% of the content searchable in full text.

About China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)

CNKI is the world's most comprehensive online resource for accessing China's intellectual output. This powerful platform is the product of Tongfang Knowledge Network, Beijing, and encompasses academic journals, dissertations, conference papers, news, and many other resources that put the knowledge of China in the sciences and humanities at your fingertips. With tens of millions of articles and growing every day, CNKI is a foundation for any serious research on China.

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1905-present
  • Language: Chinese; some bilingual Chinese-English
  • Number of Titles: over 14,000
  • Updates: Continuous
  • Format: PDF
  • Producer: Tongfang Knowledge Network Ltd.
  • Platform: CNKI (TKN)

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