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Eustathius of Thessalonica: Commentary on the Odyssey


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Online-Service mit Zugang zur vollständigen kritischen Ausgabe von Eric Cullhed und S. Douglas Olson des Kommentars des Eustathios von Thessalonike zur Odysses von Homer, die zwischen 1165 und 1175 verfasst wurde. Die Autoren bieten pro Buch einen aktuellen Standardtext, einen kritischen Apparat und eine englische Übersetzung. Die Veröffentlichung sieht zwei neue Bücher pro Jahr vor und wird voraussichtlich 2030 abgeschlossen sein.

Eustathius' Odyssey Commentary

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Brill Academic Publishers

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This online publication offers a new text edition of the Byzantine scholar and rhetorician Eusthathius of Thessalonica's Commentary on the Odyssey, composed during the latter half of the twelfth century CE. The Commentary collects material from a wide range of different sources which explain or expand on words, phrases and ideas in the Homeric epic. Original comments are blended with extracts from earlier commentators, especially the Homeric scholia. The text is an important source for fragments of otherwise lost works of ancient literature, for the history of exegesis and lexicography, and for Byzantine cultural history. This is the first complete critical edition of the text, and the first translation of it into a modern language. Eric Cullhed (University of Uppsala) and S. Douglas Olson (University of Minnesota) offer an up-to-date standard text, critical, citation and source apparatus, and English translation. The preface and the commentary on books one through four are now available. Two further books will be added annually. The expected date of completion is 2030

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