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East View E-Book Collection:
Ukraine Between the Wars (EB-UBW)


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This varied collection of 150+ books, memoirs, regional guidebooks and more captures a historical period when the definition of "Ukraine" shifted constantly and competing ideas about Ukraine, Ukrainians, and their future fueled vibrant debates and violent clashes in the first half of the 20th century. Primarily concentrated between the years 1912 and 1929, the items in this collection illuminate the concerns of intellectuals and politicians during Ukrainians' early attempts at statehood and initial experience of Sovietization.

Published between 1895 and 1957 (with the majority printed between 1900 and 1931), the materials in this collection include history books; polemical essays; tour guides; economic, statistical and infrastructural publications; archival collections; political instruction manuals; memoirs; and works on folk art and daily life (byt).

The interwar history of Soviet Ukraine is well-represented in this collection. It was a period characterized by an initial policy of korenizatsiia (the promotion of indigenous culture, language, and political elites) that was reversed under Joseph Stalin, leading to the repression of those elements in Ukrainian life.

Many books, especially those depicting artwork, are richly illustrated in full color. Most of the materials were published in Ukraine, Russia and the Soviet Union, but a handful of books were printed in important centers of Ukrainian émigré life such as Canada, Germany, France, the U.K. and the U.S.

Southern Ukraine and Crimea are the subject of a great number of works, such as travel guides, memoirs and histories of the interwar conflict on that territory, and two unique books: one on the history of Crimean Karaites, and one illustrated children's book on the everyday life of Crimean Tatars. Jewish people, another important ethnic minority group in Ukrainian history, are represented by several works of historical and personal reflection.

The variety of intellectual and political approaches to Ukraine can be seen in the myriad histories and essays in this collection. These include well-established histories by M. Hrushevsky and D. Doroshenko (both are replete with detailed images), anarchist N. Makhno's memoirs, and memoirs from White Army soldiers. Researchers can find works from Ukrainophile, Russophile, statist, anarchist, conservative, and socialist perspectives.

Ukraine Between the Wars is an essential resource for researchers studying Ukraine's intellectual history and the interwar period, including military, social, economic and commercial issues, as well as regionally focused and émigré topics

The Ukraine Between the Wars collection can be accessed through East View's Universal Database (UDB) E-Book platform, allowing for filtering by genre and author, sorting by title, searching in Cyrillic and transliteration. Similar to other UDB products, this collection is being offered for perpetual access. The book format is "smart" PDF. Each title has been assigned a unique ISBN number. A free set of ePub files for each title is included with the purchase of the entire collection.

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