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The Letters of Ernest Hemingway


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu der im Verlag Cambridge University Press veröffentlichten Ausgabe des rund 6.000 Briefe umfassenden Briefwechsels von Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), hrsg. v. Sandra Spanier und Miriam B. Mandel. Die Ausgabe ist auf insgesamt 17 Bände geplant.

The Letters of Ernest Hemingway

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Cambridge University Press

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Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) was one of the great literary figures of the twentieth century and one of the great stylists in both fiction and non-fiction prose. An extraordinary number of his letters are still extant, and this edition is reproducing them all, from childhood notes to his parents and letters to writers and artists to communications made not long before his suicide. The multi-volume collection is a scholarly event of historic importance and interest. For the first time, readers have access to the complete letters of the uncommonly popular and extraordinarily influential Nobel Laureate, whose outsized public persona has sometimes overshadowed the complex man and revolutionary artist that the letters reveal.

The series was launched in September 2011 to widespread popular and critical attention.

  • Volume 1 (1907-1922) is edited by Sandra Spanier and Robert W. Trogdon, with associate volume editors Albert J. DeFazio III, Miriam B. Mandel, and Kenneth B. Panda, and volume advisory editor J. Gerald Kennedy. Linda Patterson Miller contributed a Foreword.

  • Volume 2 (1923-1925) was published in October 2013, edited by Sandra Spanier, Albert J. DeFazio III, and Robert W. Trogdon, with associate volume editors Miriam Mandel and Rena Sanderson. Volume advisory editor J. Gerald Kennedy contributed an Introduction to the volume.

  • Volume 3 (1926-April 1929) was published in October 2015, edited by Rena Sanderson, Sandra Spanier, and Robert W. Trogdon, with volume advisory editors J. Gerald Kennedy and Rodger L. Tarr.

  • Volume 4 (April 1929-1931) was published in November 2017, edited by Sandra Spanier and Miriam B. Mandel, with associate volume editors Rena Sanderson and Albert J. DeFazio III. Scott Donaldson contributed an introduction to the volume.

  • Volume 5 (1932-May 1934) was published in June 2020, edited by Sandra Spanier and Miriam B. Mandel, author of the Introduction to the Volume, with associate volume editors Krista Quesenberry, Verna Kale, and Albert J. DeFazio III.

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