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The Continent Magazine Archive


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The Continent Magazine Archive

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The Continent Magazine was founded by academicians of Academia Sinica-Zhu Jiahua, Dong Zuobin, Li Ji, Guo Ting Yi, Ling Chun Sheng, etc. in 1950, and ceased in 2002, collecting contemporary master sinologists' thought context and era issues in 52 years and 867 issues. Originating from China and converging to Taiwan, it is a highly- praised journal assembling worldwide sinologists' contributions after 1950. Stressing on history, it also carried articles of literature, philology, philosophy, art, law, politics, sociology, agriculture, and geology. It began as a fortnightly and changed to a monthly since March 1968. Its editor's opening statement said that "Chinese continent is the birthplace of 5000 years of East Asian civilization, and is also our motherland where we were born, grow and build nation. We desire and should keep it in mind. We found the magazine to think of it and reflect by ourselves."


  • Founded by academicians of Academia Sinica
  • Collecting contemporary master sinologists' thought context and era issues
  • Containing half century of research achievement of global learned scholars
  • Including literature, philology, history, philosophy, art, law, politics, sociology, agriculture, geology
  • Exclusive Taiwanese classics, full image / full text searchable

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