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Theology & Religion Online


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Ressourcen für Studierende und Wissenschaftler der Theologie, Bibelwissenschaft, Religionswissenschaft und verwandter Fachgebiete. Das Angebot reicht von Standardreferenzwerken bis hin zu reichhaltigen thematischen Sammlungen, die audiovisuelle Inhalte, Monografien und Nachschlagewerke umfassen. Updates: regelmäßig.


Verzeichnis der enthaltenen Titel

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Bloomsbury Publishing

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  • Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries
  • Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
  • Bloomsbury Religion in North America
  • Library of Catholic Thought
  • T&T Clark Jesus Library
  • T&T Clark Theology Library

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Theology & Religion Online is the digital home to a growing range of resources designed for students and scholars of Theology, Biblical Studies, Religious Studies and related fields, from which libraries can create a rich, bespoke product package to best serve their users.

Ranging from exclusive new digital reference products to richly layered thematic collections comprising audio-visual content, monographs and scholarly reference, Theology & Religion Online is the essential source for cutting-edge research, study, and teaching from intro to advanced levels.

Theology & Religion Online is home to T&T Clark Theology Library, T&T Clark Jesus Library, Library of Catholic Thought, Bloomsbury Religion in North America, and the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary and Commentaries, as well as additional forthcoming resources.

Theology & Religion Online will continue to grow and add modules to support research and study in Theology, Biblical Studies, Religious Studies and related fields. The resource offers multiple products on one easy interface that are integrated by indexing.

Available Collections

Theology and Religion Online consists of discrete collection bundles, which can be purchased independently and accessed together on the platform through its powerful cross search and browse functionality. By default, search and browse results will only display content to which users have purchased access.

  • Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries
    • Comprised of more than 86 volumes, this prestigious commentary series represents the pinnacle of biblical scholarship.
    • Draws from the wisdom and resources of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars from around the world.
    • Series includes a book-by-book translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Apocrypha to make available all the significant historical and linguistic knowledge which bears on the interpretation of the Bible.

  • Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
    • The first major Bible dictionary to be published in America in 30 years that includes six volumes of approximately 1,200 pages each with more than 6,000 entries totaling more than 7,000,000 words.
    • Nearly 1,000 contributors.
    • An unprecedented interfaith exploration of the Bible that is multicultural and interdisciplinary in scope
    • Illustrated throughout with easy-to-find references and includes endpaper maps of the Near Eastern world keyed to text for quick location of archaeological and biblical sites.
    • Articles on pseudepigraphic and apocryphal texts, Nag Hammadi tractates, and individual Dead Sea Scrolls, including the most recently published sectarian Dead Sea Scrolls as well as articles illustrating the literary artistry of the biblical text.

  • Bloomsbury Religion in North America
    • 127 digitally exclusive, peer reviewed articles— Organized around key themes for courses in religion in North America, including: African American religion; Islam in North America; Christianity in North America; Religion and Nature in North America; Secularity and Non-Religion in North America; Western Sciences, Technology and Religion in a Global Context; and more.
    • eBook Collection— Monographs, handbooks, and textbooks featuring such titles as The Bloomsbury Reader on Islam in the West, Understanding Sport as a Religious Phenomenon, Buddhism in America, and Race and New Religious Movements in the USA.
    • Images— Integrated into each article ensuring the text is engaging visually for students and searchable as a standalone item.

  • Library of Catholic Thought
    • The New Jerome Biblical Commentary: Second Revised Edition— A new edition of this major reference work, digitally exclusive to Library of Catholic Thought.
    • Handbooks of Catholic Theology— A major international textbook series under the general editorship of Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna, these five volumes cover key topics such as liturgy and church history.
    • Reference works, dictionaries, and sourcebooks— Seminal reference works and primary texts brought to the digital environment with updated prefaces, user guides, and specially commissioned content.
    • An ebook collection— Featuring titles on Catholic theology, key thinkers, and socio-cultural concerns.
    • Images - 500 images of Catholic artwork, manuscripts, and other artifacts

  • T&T Clark Jesus Library
    • Major Reference Works— The Reception of Jesus in the First Three Centuries (digitally exclusive to the resource), Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media, History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ, Christianity: The Complete Guide, Mary: The Complete Resource, Jesus: The Complete Guide
    • Monographs, Companions, and Classic Works— 50 titles spanning topics including the historical Jesus, reading and literary in the time of Jesus, Jesus and film, and early Christology. Providing comprehensive coverage of the discipline, these texts provide overviews of key topics, research areas, new directions.
    • Digital Exclusive Articles— Written by an international range of leading scholars to support research and study of core and cutting edge topics
    • Images— Showcasing key sites and archaeological locations, reliquaries, mosaics, places of worship, and representations of Jesus in art to provide a way of locating Jesus in the history of faith and culture (also available to view through a dedicated interactive timeline)
    • Audio Resources— Digitally exclusive interviews with leading academics on core topics and publications

  • T&T Clark Theology Library
    • Primary Texts by Major Theologians—Classic texts from the most important theologians that shaped theology in the 20th century offering a detailed examination of a wide number of doctrines, such as the Trinity, Atonement, Creation, Pneumatology, and Creation.
    • Digitally Exclusive Articles— Authoritative overviews of the most important theologians of the 20th Century.
    • Lectionary Commentary Series

Coming Soon to Theology and Religion Online

Eerdmans Digital Reference Library

  • Featuring the award-winning Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology and the well-established 13 vol Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, alongside key reference works and commentaries, this new Eerdmans collection will bring together 153 titles designed specifically for students and scholars of theology, biblical and religious studies.

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