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Brepolis - Medieval Online
(Brepolis Medieval Encyclopaedias + Brepolis Medieval Bibliographies)


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Inhalt :: Content

Der Online-Service umfasst mehrere bibliographische und Faktendatenbanken zur europäischen Mittelalterforschung, die sich in zwei Sektionen gliedern:

Brepolis Medieval Encyclopaedias enthält:
- Lexikon des Mittelalters
- International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages
- Europa Sacra

Brepolis Medieval Bibliographies enthält:
- The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB)
- Bibliographie de Civilisation Médiévale
- International Directory of Medievalists

Verlag :: Publisher

Brepols Publishers

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

In 2001 Brepols Publishers launched the next generation of its electronic publishing strategy. This step forward was based on the so-called Brepolis site, which was conceived as the hometown of all online projects by Brepols Publishers. Today - with respect to the Medieval Studies section of the site - we are able to present not only the project with which Brepolis started, the International Medieval Bibliography - Online, but also sketch the developing structure of the site overall, with particular reference to four new electronic resources that will shortly become available.

Brepolis - Medieval Online is being built on three pillars, the first being encyclopaedic and therefore containing core reference works, the second bibliographic, comprising information on articles as well as monographs, and the third consists of free-standing databases, such as In Principio and Ut per litteras apostolicas - Papal Letters. On these first two pillars will be hung clusters of related publications.

In this fashion we aim to provide added value for the user not only by building clusters of essential works which are linked together in an intelligent way, but also by constructing a structure which allows for expansion in a way that is easily comprehensible to the user. In practice this will be done by:

  • combining classic reference-works and/or current bibliographies with fresh updates to the content or even with new complementary works which bring these classic works up-to-date and ensure that they remain of primary use to scholars.
  • producing clusters of works which hang together closely in terms of subject-matter or type, and by developing an overarching structure that allows them to be integrated, easily searchable at a deep level, and accessible in ways which would not be possible if they were presented separately.
  • constructing 'live links' that allow users to move seamlessly between different works or even clusters.

The following projects are available:

Brepolis Medieval Encyclopaedias

Brepolis Medieval Bibliographies

  • The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) - Online: the leading bibliography of articles for the European Middle Ages from the International Medieval Institute at the University of Leeds.
  • The Bibliographie de Civilisation Médiévale - Online: International Bibliography of Monographs: a bibliography of monographs that will complement the IMB, developed under the direction of the Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale at the Université de Poitiers. The initial information will be drawn from the Cahiers de Civilisation Médiévale and gradually expanded period-by-period to cover the complete European Middle Ages.
  • The International Directory of Medievalists: a database compiled by means of international collaboration coordinated by the Fédération Internationale des Instituts d'Etudes Médiévales.

The academic oversight for all these publications will be co-ordinated by existing teams or new teams of leading scholars and subject-specialists.

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