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Early American Imprints, Series II:
Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)


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Umfassende Sammlung digitalisierter Publikationen, die in Nordamerika von 1801 bis 1819 erschienen sind. Die Sammlung bietet Zugriff auf über 47.000 Titel mit einem Gesamtumfang von mehr als 4,1 Millionen Seiten. Sie bildet eine wichtige Quellenbasis für alle Aspekte der Forschung zur amerikanischen Kultur des frühen 19. Jahrhunderts (Geschichte, Literatur, Philosophie, Theologie u.a.). Die Titelauswahl basiert auf der einschlägigen Bibliographie von Ralph R. Shaw und Richard H. Shoemaker (American Bibliography: A Preliminary Checklist ... 1801-1819, New York 1958-1983) und der Mikrofilmausgabe des Verlags. Fortsetzung von Early American Imprints, Series I. Evans (1639-1800).

Early American Imprints, Series II. Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)

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Based on the noted "American Bibliography", 1801-1819 by Ralph B. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker, "Early American Imprints, Series II." provides a comprehensive set of American imprints published in the early part of the 19th century. Shaw-Shoemaker includes many state papers and early government materials, in direct parallel to the political and geographic growth of the developing American nation.

Researchers can study the growth of the nation as America expanded westward, the development of American arts (literature, music, painting, etc.), the cementing of American political thought, and so much more. In addition to books, broadsides and pamphlets, the collection includes many published reports, presidential letters and messages, Congressional, state and territorial resolutions, and the works of many European authors reprinted for the American public.

The digital version of Shaw-Shoemaker forms another cornerstone of the Readex Archive of Americana. Upon completion, this unique, Internet-based resource consists of:

  • All titles contained in Shaw-Shoemaker microform editions - more than 36,000 items and over 4 million images, all with searchable OCR-created ASCII text
  • Integrated bibliographic records from the American Antiquarian Society

All Readex Digital Collections use a common interface designed for researchers with a variety of skills. Shaw-Shoemaker Digital provides for simple and/or advanced searching and for browsing by several categories. Searchable OCR-generated ASCII text is associated with each image.

Researchers using the institution's Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) may link directly to the document of interest in Shaw-Shoemaker Digital provided expanded catalog records, an option created by the American Antiquarian Society, are acquired.

Shaw-Shoemaker is being released in monthly segments over a three-year period beginning in August 2004.

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