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Global Health Archive


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Internationale fachbibliographische Datenbank mit über 800.000 Literaturnachweisen zum Gebiet der übertragbaren und infektiösen Erkrankungen, einschließlich der Tropenkrankheiten, sowie der Epidemiologie, der Ernährung und des Gesundheitswesens. Die Grundlage der Datenbank bilden die folgende Zeitschriften: Tropical Diseases Bulletin (1912-83), Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases (1926-1983), Review of Veterinary and Medical Entomology (1913-72), Review of Veterinary and Medical Mycology (1943-72), Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews (1931-72) und Helminthological Abstracts (1932-72). Berichtszeitraum: 1910-1973.

Global Health Archive

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CABI Publishing

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Global Health Archive is a unique electronic map of humankind's global scientific heritage:

  • 800,000 records from 1910 to 1973, equivalent to 300 volumes of research.
  • In a searchable modern database fully compatible with other databases, indexed by our subject specialists, placing obsolete terms in their modern context.
  • Covering: public health, tropical and communicable diseases, nutrition, helminthology, entomology and mycology.
  • Accessible via Ovid, EBSCO, Dialog, DIMDI and CAB Direct.
  • Available in perpetuity, from a single purchase.

Increase your information reach

Valuable scientific research carried out in the last century can be hard to find despite being still relevant and cited in modern papers. Medical historians, archivists, librarians, social scientists, academics, life scientists, agricultural scientists, epidemiologists and public health workers need to search the Global Health Archive to:

  • Avoid repeating the research of the past.
  • Gain a broader understanding of the historical context in which they work.
  • Reach previously difficult-to-find or lost material.
  • Find references that were previously inaccessible.
  • Fill gaps in their existing knowledge.
  • Understand how scientific and cultural activities have changed.

Modern problems in context

By digitising our print archive CABI Publishing has made this information available to a modern audience putting current international and public health problems in a historical context. The Global Health Archive contains information on issues that are still being researched today:

  • Bioterrorism: including the use of anthrax and smallpox; WWI and WWII.
  • Disease control: Information on control, occurrence and epidemiology of infectious diseases which still affect millions of people every year.
  • Patent protection: Checking for prior or indigenous rights associated with patent applications is critical and all historical literature needs to searched.
  • Antimicrobial substances in the pre-antibiotic era.
  • Human migration and its effect on disease patterns.
  • Food security and malnutrition.
  • Effects of economic development on health.
  • Archive material, modern terms

The records in the Global Health Archive have been taken from six pre-electronic publications: Tropical Diseases Bulletin (1912-83), Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases (1926-1983), Review of Veterinary and Medical Entomology (1913-72), Review of Veterinary and Medical Mycology (1943-72), Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews (1931-72), and Helminthological Abstracts (1932-72).

They have been indexed and classified to make them relevant to a modern audience. Current terminology has been added to abstract and index fields to aid retrieval. Descriptors and CABICodes, used alongside free text searching, provide an effective route into this historical data.

Complete the picture

The Global Health Archive is fully compatible with Global Health and can be searched alongside it for records from 1910 to the present day.

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