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Wiley Online Library: Books


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu insgesamt über 22.000 Monographien, Handbüchern und Buchreihen der Verlage John Wiley & Sons, Wiley-VCH, Ernst & Sohn, Jossey-Bass, Sybex Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley-Scrivener, Wiley-VCH, IEEE Press sowie der American Geophysical Union (AGU) und der American Ceramic Society (ACS) insbesondere aus den naturwissenschaftlich-technischen Schlüsseldisziplinen, aber auch in einer Vielzahl von geistes-, sozial- und wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fachgebieten.
Sämtliche Titel können einzeln (Mindestabnahme Erstbestellung: 20 Titel oder Bestellwert 3.000 USD) oder im Rahmen von individuellen, jahrgangs- und fachbereichsbezogene Paketen durch einmaligen Kauf erworben werden. Darüber hinaus steht Usage-Based-Collection Management (UBCM) als Erwerbungsmodell zur Verfügung. Jährlicher Zuwachs: rund 1.500 Titel.

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Wiley Online Library: Books


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John Wiley & Sons

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Wiley Online Books combine quality content with the convenience, accessibility and enhanced functionality of electronic access. Now featuring over 22,000 scholarly and professional books, handbooks, dictionaries, companions and landmark book series.

Discover premier titles from the most celebrated scientists, award-winning authors and renowned researchers in the life, health and physical sciences, social sciences and humanities.





  • No DRM restrictions on downloads and Printing
  • Flexible selection by title or by collection
  • Low-cost, high impact way to supplement or build a digital book collection
  • Unlimited, concurrent user access
  • COUNTER-compliant usage data
  • Enhanced MARC Records from OCLC at no extra charge
  • Free course pack use and walk-in user access
  • Perpetual access rights with one-time purchase
  • Open URL with links and DOIs
  • Customer support, training and marketing resources for your library

Researchers and Students

  • No DRM restrictions on downloads and printing
  • Enhanced discoverability through powerful browse and search functionality
  • Dynamic linking via CrossRef, within and outside Wiley Online Library
  • Read, download or print by the chapter
  • Full integration with journals and other content on Wiley Online Library
  • Flexible access 24/7, including remote access from your home or on the road
  • Increased productivity and innovation through digital format efficiencies


In an ongoing commitment to provide flexibility in how you grow your Online Books collection, we are offering frontlist in 8 main subject areas and backlist in 9 main subject areas. This will help you to align the Backlist Subject Collections with Frontlist Subject Collections.

Frontlist Subject Collections

We are introducing a new Online Books Frontlist Collection by subject to help you meet faculty demand and acquire the newest prize-winning and top-selling titles from Wiley at an affordable price.

The 8 subject areas for Frontlist Subject Collection are:

  • Life Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Health Sciences
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Math and Statistics

There are two purchase options for this model:

1. Current Calendar Year Frontlist

2. Current and Prior Calendar Year Frontlist

Backlist Subject Collections

Thousands of Wiley Online Books are available in 9 Backlist Subject Collections and are offered at significant discounts. Collections are fixed-titles with print publication date of 2014 and earlier and are available for perpetual access purchase.

  • Collections include our must-have classics, in addition to titles with a 2014 print publication date
  • Old editions have been removed and replaced by new editions
  • Existing collection buyers have the flexibility in the way they want to grow their collections - please contact your Account Manager for details.
  • Backvolume Online Book Series are available to complement the Subject Collections
  • Collections are available as one-time fee only and are fixed with no overlapping titles

The 9 subject areas for Backlist Subject Collection are:

  • Life & Earth Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Math & Statistics
  • Health Sciences
  • Veterinary Science

Key points for customers on the new Subject Collections:

  • This model provides flexibility in how you can grow your digital library
  • You can align Backlist Subject Collections with Frontlist Subject Collections
  • These are English language titles only

Special Collections

We now have 2 new special collections - AGU Collection and German Language Collection.


Flexible Purchasing Options for Institutions:

Adding Online Books to your library collection has never been easier. Take advantage of a one-time fee option, an annual flexi-subscription, or work chapter-by-chapter with pay-Per-View or ArticleSelect Tokens.

Discounts are available for book series back-volumes and for high-value purchases. We also offer customized standing orders for frontlist titles, for your convenience. In addition, you can purchase Online Books in collections by year or by subject. First-time customers must select a minimum order of 20 titles or spend a minimum of $3,000.

One-Time Fee Option:

Pay once for perpetual access to all the books you buy with no hidden surcharges or restrictions. Select from flexible purchasing options such as one-time fee: Subject Collections, Backvolume Series, frontlist standing orders or title-by-title.

Flexi-Subscription Option:

Based on the size of your institution, pay an annual fee for one calendar year. If you subscribe to any title for three consecutive years, you benefit from our auto-purchase feature which means no additional charges and perpetual online accesses. Add, delete or swap any of the subscribed titles at renewal.


Give your patrons flexible access to classic book series edited by eminent and pioneering academics and scientists. These volumes feature cutting-edge material to inform current research as well as historical overviews suitable for newcomers to the field. Over 1600 volumes from multiple series have been digitized, covering a range of topics in chemistry, materials science, biology and statistics. They are available for purchase as 'back volume' collections or individually, volume by volume.


  • Flexible pricing options allow you to purchase single volumes under the usual One-Time Fee option for Online Books, or entire Series back volumes*, at a discounted rate.
  • Generous discounts are given for multi-Series purchases.
  • Current volumes in these Series are available to purchase or subscribe under the standard Online Books pricing options.
  • Continuation orders can be placed for future titles published in any series.

* Backvolume sets are comprised of fixed title lists. New titles are not added to the sets.

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