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Wiley Online Library:
Usage-Based-Collection Management (UBCM)


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Titeln der Wiley Online Library: Books und der Wiley Online Library: Book Series im Rahmen des Usage-Based-Collection Management (UBCM) für die Dauer von 12 Monaten gegen Entrichtung eines vorher vereinbarten Pauschalpreises. Neuerscheinungen werden während der UBCM-Phase automatisch und ohne weitere Kosten in Ihr UBCM-Paket aufgenommen. Nach Ende der UBCM-Phase entscheiden Sie, welche Titel Sie dauerhaft unter vollständiger Anrechnung des vorab Pauschalpreises erwerben möchten. Die Kosten für die 12-monatige Freischaltung aller Titel richtet sich nach der Institutionsgröße (FTE-Anzahl). Alternativ zum Gesamtangebot können auch nur einzelne "Subject Collections" für 12 Monate freigeschaltet werden. Updates: laufend.

Wiley Online Library: Usage-Based-Collection Management (UBCM)

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John Wiley & Sons

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Das Angebot richtet sich nicht an Verbraucher i. S. d. § 13 BGB und Letztverbraucher i. S. d. PAngV.

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Wiley's Usage-based Collection Management Model (UBCM) is a flexible, evidence-based approach to building your digital library. With no automatic triggers, we'll provide you with the tools your library needs to identify demand trends and make data-driven decisions to grow your online books collection.

New titles are published every month and as a UBCM customer, we want to ensure you are aware of the latest listings. On a monthly basis you will receive an email highlighting newly released titles and the latest list of online books available on Wiley Online Library.

How does UBCM work?

  • Pay an upfront fee for access to either the full Online Book Catalog (over 22,000 titles) or to select subject categories for a specific time period (typically 12 months)
  • At the end of the access period, evaluate usage statistics at the title level to make an evidence-based selection of titles for purchase equal to or greater than the committed amount
  • Titles selected are available with perpetual access rights, unlimited concurrent usage and no DRM restrictions to your patrons
  • Access may be renewed once the trial period expires

What makes UBCM unique?

  • Unlike many other evidence-based models, Wiley's UBCM program has no automatic triggers. Purchasing decisions are in your hands alone.
  • Your patrons have access to DRM-free chapter downloads to save and keep.
  • Unlimited concurrent user access, with 24/7 accessibility on campus, at home or on the road.
  • Searchable via discovery platforms, with MARC records supplied to your institution's library to make discoverability even more efficient.

Now with smaller affordable collections

  • Agriculture, Aqua, Food Science
  • Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting
  • Earth and Environment Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Life Sciences
  • Math & Stat
  • Physical Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Special Product: Chemistry thru 1999
  • Special Product: Chemistry 2000 Present
  • Special Product: Medicine and Nursing

Marketing materials

  • Banner ads to link your website to Wiley Online Library
  • Posters to promote program on campus
  • Email templates to patrons promoting content they have access to
  • Custom marketing support
  • Relevant tutorials

Set-up and maintenance

  • MARC records
  • Wiley Online Library usage reporting
  • User guides
  • Discoverability tools and guides

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