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CAB Abstracts Plus


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Artikeln aus Zeitschriften, Kongressberichten, Kapiteln aus Monographien, Berichten von Regierungsbehörden und internationalen Organisationen, Rezensionen sowie einer Vielzahl grauer Literatur der Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaften. Die Datenbank besteht aus den sechs Teilsammlungen CAB Abstracts Full Text, CAB Reviews; Reviews Archive, Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases, Distribution Maps of Plant Pests und Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria, die einzeln bezogen werden können. Alle in CAB Abstracts Plus enthaltenen Dokumente werden in CAB Abstracts bibliographisch erschlossen. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1942 ff.

CAB Abstracts Plus

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CABI Publishing

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CAB Abstracts is the world's leading agricultural, veterinary science and applied life sciences A&I database. It acts a navigational tool for finding out about and accessing the literature from around the globe.

CAB Abstracts links to online full text content wherever that content is available. It has extensive linkage built in to the database, enabling the user to reach most of the library's electronic journal holdings and other freely available content.

However a lot of valuable material indexed in the database, such as conference proceedings, symposia, reports and monographs are not permanently stored anywhere electronically. Some of this material is available on the Internet, but it is often quickly moved or deleted, making any linking obsolete. Obtaining the original documents of this literature is often difficult or impossible for the researcher or librarian.

CABI Publishing is making a wide variety of 'hard-to-find' material from around the globe, and a collection of its own full text content (not previously available electronically) available via CAB Abstracts for the first time.

CAB Abstracts Plus provides access to the following content:

  • CAB Abstracts Full Text
    A repository of 'hard-to-find' full text material from around the world. The Selection contains approximately 10,000 full text articles, made up of conference proceeding, reports and journal content not available through the major aggregators. Content is being secured all the time.

    CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources
    CAB Reviews provides new, specially commissioned reviews, covering the scope of the CAB Abstracts database. Up to 100 reviews, published online throughout the year, will provide researchers, tutors and students with an authoritative resource to help them keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their area of interest.

  • Reviews Archive
    The Reviews Archive contains over 1500 reviews. These reviews were first published between 1973 and 2003 in CABI Publishing's various Abstract and News and Information print journals. This archive makes these reviews available electronically for the first time.

    Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases
    The most authoritative source of information on the presence and extent of specific plant diseases, DMPD covers important pathogens effecting agriculture and forestry. Access includes 36 new maps each year and an electronic archive of over 940 plant disease maps, going back to 1942.

    Distribution Maps of Plant Pests
    Widely respected reference source on the global distribution and extent of specific plant pests. DMPP covers important arthropod pests affecting agriculture and forestry. Access includes 18 new maps each year and an electronic archive of over 665 plant disease maps, going back to 1951.

    Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria
    This series of Descriptions provides standardized, illustrated descriptions of pathogens and other species of economic importance. Expertly authored and widely regarded, the Descriptions allow identification of significant species. Access includes up to 40 new organism descriptions per year, plus an electronic archive of over 1600 fungal and bacterial taxa, going back to 1964.

Each of these products is also available separately.

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