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Screen and Stage Online:
The Russian Cinematographic and Theater Press, 1889-1919


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Materials from the Russian National Library, St. Petersburg

Hrsg. v. Rashit Yangirov


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Brill Academic Publishers

Screen and Stage Online: The Russian Cinematographic and Theater Press, 1889-1919

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Brill Academic Publishers is proud to announce the release of a unique collection of Russian theater and film periodicals, which also includes material on other forms of entertainment and mass culture in pre-revolutionary Russia. The collection consists of various types of material ranging from sophisticated journals to cheaply produced magazines published in the last three decades of the Tsarist regime. It covers all strata of urban society and their response to new and traditional art forms as theater and cinema.

Screen and Stage: The Russian Cinematographic and Theater Press, 1889-1919 continues the Brill series Mass culture and Entertainment in Russia. This series comprises collections of unique material about various forms of popular culture and entertainment industry in Tsarist and Soviet Russia.

This collection contains a wide range of information on various forms of mass culture and performance art in pre-revolutionary Russia:

- Cinema

- Theater

- Theater of miniatures

- Cabaret theater

- Circus

- Operetta

The collection includes unique material such as records of the repertoires, biographies of the actors, examples of audience reactions to performances.

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