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Mass Culture and Entertainment in Russia


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Brill Academic Publishers

Mass Culture and Entertainment in Russia

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The series Mass Culture & Entertainment in Russia comprises collections of extremely rare, and often unique, materials that offer a stunning insight into the dynamics of cultural and daily life in imperial and Soviet Russia. The series is organized along six thematic lines that together cover the full spectrum of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian culture, ranging from the penny press and high-brow art journals in pre-Revolutionary Russia, to children's magazines and publications on constructivist design in the early Soviet Union.

The materials brought together in this series are essential to Slavists and historians, but should be equally appealing to political scientists, art historians, and sociologists who no longer view mass culture as the arrière-garde of cultural evolution, but as a highly complex phenomenon that deserves to be studied in its own right.

The first sub-series "Film" comprises periodicals and archival material dating from the first decades of Russian cinema (1907-1940). The second "Theater" is devoted to Russian and Russian-Jewish theater history. The third –"Entertainment and Leisure Activities" contains journals that reflect the changing lifestyles of the emerging middle class of pre-Revolutionary Russia. The fourth –"Mass Media"– has a more outspoken diachronic dimension. It includes the highly successful collection Gazety-Kopeiki, as well as lifestyle magazines and children's journals from various periods. The fifth sub-series –"Everyday Life"– focuses on the hardship of life under Stalin and his somewhat more liberal successors. Finally, the sixth –"High Culture/Art" provides an exhaustive overview of the historic avant-garde in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Europe, which despite its elitist nature pretended to cater to a mass audience.

The entire series is available on the Brill Online platform:


- Early Russian Cinema: Russian Cinematographic Press (1907-1918)

- Soviet Cinema. Film Periodicals, 1918-1942 - Part 1. Journals

- Soviet Cinema. Film Periodicals, 1918-1942 - Part 2. Newspapers

- Early Russian Cinema: Russian Cinematographic Press (1907-1918)

- Soviet Cinema: Archival Documents from RGALI, 1923-35


- Screen and Stage: The Russian Cinematographic and Theater Press, 1889-1919

- Jewish Theater under Stalinism: Moscow State Jewish Theater (GOSET)

- The Yearbook of the Imperial Theaters


- Cult of Body: Sports and Physical Culture in Russia, 1891-1919

- Children's Leisure Activities in Russia, 1920s-1940s

- World of Children in the USSR


- Mass Media in Russia, 1908-1918: The World of Penny (Kopeck) Magazines

- Mass Media in Russia, 1908-1918: Gazety Kopeiki / Russian Newspapers

- Popular Literature, Fiction and Songs in Imperial Russia

- Imperial Russia's Illustrated Press


- Everyday Stalinism I

- Everyday Stalinism II

- World of Children in the USSR


- Russian Avant-garde, 1904-1946

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