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Jewish Theater under Stalinism:
Moscow State Jewish Theater (GOSET)


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Hrsg. v. Dr. V. Ivanov


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Brill Academic Publishers

Jewish Theater under Stalinism: Moscow State Jewish Theater (GOSET)

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In their time, the Moscow State Jewish Theater (GOSET) and the affiliated Moscow State Jewish Theater School (MGETU) were outstanding phenomena. GOSET was a pioneer enterprise that merged Yiddish art with Soviet ideology and avant-garde ideas. The character of the theater was determined by a galaxy of outstanding Jewish writers, actors, and artists of the 20th century, namely Marc Chagall, Robert Falk, Peretz Markish, Solomon Mikhoels, and many others. Brill Academic Publishers brings you a collection of archival documents from the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI) containing unique material on Jewish avant-garde art, Stalin's repressions, and the history of Soviet culture and theater.

This collection containing material in Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, English, French, and other European languages, allows us not only to further our knowledge of Yiddish theater and Jewish culture in the Soviet Union, but also to deepen and revise our understanding of the Kremlin's policy toward Jewish society and culture, and of the reality of everyday life of Jews in the 1920s-40s. The collection will appeal to theater specialists, art historians, specialists in Soviet and Jewish political history, historians of Jewish literature, sociologists of Jewish culture, historians of the theater, and music scholars.

Jewish Theater under Stalinism continues the Brill series Mass culture and Entertainment in Russia. This series comprises collections of unique material about various forms of popular culture and entertainment industry in Tsarist and Soviet Russia.

This collection contains

- Jewish avant-garde art

- Marc Chagall, Robert Falk, Peretz Markish, Solomon Mikhoels and many others

- Soviet culture and theatre

- Stalin's repressions

- Anti-Semitism

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