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SAGE Research Methods Foundations


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SAGE Publications

SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO)

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Comprised of 3-4 million words of newly commissioned content, SAGE Research Methods Foundations is a comprehensive reference resource on all aspects of research methods and the research process. Presented here are entries on methods and concepts—including cutting-edge research methods not currently covered in SAGE Research Methods, key research studies, and profiles of important researchers.

Content and features:

  • Dynamic site architecture to guide users through content
  • Entries are grouped into thematic series
  • Pioneers are biographies of key scholars and methodologists who have helped shape social research, with a special emphasis on including previously under-recognized figures, including women and people of color
  • Newly commissioned content on hundreds of methods and research concepts, including key studies and profiles of significant figures in research
  • The What's Next tool guides users through a natural progression through concepts based on what they've already viewed.

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