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SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO)


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 1.000 Buch-Titeln des Verlages Sage inkl. der QASS-Reihe (The Little Green Books) und der QRMS-Reihe (The Little Blue Books), Wörterbüchern, Fachenzyklopädien sowie ausgewählten Zeitschriftenbeiträgen zu den Methoden der Sozial- und Verhaltenswissenschaften mit einem Gesamtumfang von über 220.000 Seiten.
Ferner enthalten sind eine visuelle Methoden-Karte und eine Video-Playlist (SRMO Lists).

SAGE Research Methods Cases umfasst mehr als 2.200 Fallstudien, die die Herausforderungen und Erfolge der Forschung zeigen und von den Forschern selbst verfasst wurden. Die Forscher erklären, warum sie sich für die von ihnen gewählten Methoden entschieden haben, wie sie die Probleme bei ihrer Forschung überwunden haben und was sie im Nachhinein vielleicht anders gemacht hätten.

SAGE Research Methods Datasets stellt eine Sammlung von mehr als 500 Unterrichtsdatensätzen und Anleitungen dar, die den Studenten die Möglichkeit geben, die Datenanalyse durch Selbststudium zu erlernen.

SAGE Research Methods Foundations stellt eine umfassende Referenzquelle zu allen Aspekten der Forschungsmethoden und des Forschungsprozesses dar mit Beiträgen zu Methoden und Konzepten - einschließlich neuester Forschungsmethoden, die derzeit nicht in den SAGE-Forschungsmethoden behandelt werden, wichtigen Forschungsstudien und Profilen wichtiger Forscher.

SAGE Research Methods Video enthält Tutorials, Videos mit Fallstudien, Experteninterviews und mehr. Die rund 500 Videos umfassende Sammlung deckt jeden Aspekt der Ausbildung von Forschungskompetenzen ab und führt die Studierenden durch jeden Schritt des Forschungsprozesses

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SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO)

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Sage Publications

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SAGE Research Methods is the ultimate methods library, with more than 1,000 books, reference works, journal articles, and instructional videos by world leading academics from across the social sciences, including the largest collection of qualitative methods books available online from any scholarly publisher. The resources cover the steps of coming up with a research question, doing a literature review, planning a project, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up a report, dissertation, or thesis, plus detailed information on hundreds of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods.

Content and features

  • More than 1,000 of SAGE's renowned books, reference works, and journal articles in research methods, statistics, and evaluation
  • Methods Map shows how methods terms and concepts are related
  • Reading Lists can be used to compile lists of selected books, book chapters, journal articles, case studies, datasets, or videos for later review or to share with colleagues and students
  • Project Planner guides users through each step of the research process with instructional content and links to material on the platform
  • Which Stats Test helps users choose the best statistical method to use after they answer a few multiple-choice questions about their data.

What does SAGE Research Methods do?

    Student research
    • Essential supplementary support for course learning and for students working on dissertations and research projects
    • More than 220,000 pages of content covering hundreds of methodological approaches help students at every step of their project
    • Concise author videos answer basic questions like "How do I choose between different research methods?" and "What do you mean by the term 'ethnography'?"

    Faculty research
    • Offers critical support in learning new techniques and methods
    • Provides crucial resources to help faculty write up their methodology for publication in the best research journals
    • Provides in-depth understanding of advanced methods and includes online access to the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences (QASS) series, also known as "The Little Green Books," as well as the Qualitative Research Methods Series (QRMS), or "The Little Blue Books".

    Teaching research methods
    • Serves as the perfect complement to coursework and traditional textbooks in research methods courses for business, communication, criminology, education, health sciences, psychology, political science, social work, and sociology
    • Provides sample assignments that help students easily connect to concepts
    • Aids faculty who oversee research papers and theses requiring original research.

    Librarians and information literacy
    • Helps librarians teach information literacy, research skills, literature review, and writing
    • Includes authoritative descriptions of how to conduct research from beginning to end.

SAGE Research Methods Cases

SAGE Research Methods Cases are stories of how real research projects have been conducted. The platform houses more than 2,200 case studies showing the challenges and successes of doing research, written by the researchers themselves. The researchers explain why they chose the methods they did, how they overcame problems in their research, and what they might have done differently with hindsight—the realities of research that are missing from journal articles and textbooks.

Each case

  • Is peer reviewed
  • Comes with learning objectives and discussion questions
  • Can be used as a teaching tool to demonstrate a particular method
  • Serves as inspiration to students who are preparing for their own research project.

SAGE Research Methods Datasets

SAGE Research Methods Datasets is a collection of more than 500 teaching datasets and instructional guides that give students a chance to learn data analysis by practicing themselves. This bank of topical, engaging practice datasets, indexed by method and data type, is optimized for use in classroom exercises or in exam papers, saving faculty hours of sourcing and cleaning data themselves. The decisions researchers make when analyzing data can seem like a black box for students—through practicing analysis using real data from SAGE Research Methods Datasets, students can see how analytic decisions are made, helping them become confident researchers.

  • Quantitative datasets are taken from surveys and experiments and come with instructions to analyze the data in SPSS or R
  • Qualitative datasets are taken from academic research projects, providing bite-size examples from interviews, focus groups, documentary sources, and more, plus advice on how to approach analysis.

SAGE Research Methods Foundations

What is Foundations? Comprised of 3-4 million words of newly commissioned content, SAGE Research Methods Foundations is a comprehensive reference resource on all aspects of research methods and the research process. Presented here are entries on methods and concepts—including cutting-edge research methods not currently covered in SAGE Research Methods, key research studies, and profiles of important researchers.

Content and features

  • Dynamic site architecture to guide users through content
  • Entries are grouped into thematic series
  • Pioneers are biographies of key scholars and methodologists who have helped shape social research, with a special emphasis on including previously under-recognized figures, including women and people of color
  • Newly commissioned content on hundreds of methods and research concepts, including key studies and profiles of significant figures in research
  • The What's Next tool guides users through a natural progression through concepts based on what they've already viewed.

SAGE Research Methods Video

Every librarian has encountered frantic students struggling with a paper or research project. We know that students have a range of preferred learning styles, and when students are already overwhelmed by the number of books or journal articles they need to read to complete their paper, more text-based resources may not be the most effective educational tools. SAGE Research Methods Video can help your students learn research skills by watching and listening and can help your teaching faculty deliver memorable research methods and statistics lessons by providing interactive and engaging visual content.

Content and features

  • Includes tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and more
  • Covers every aspect of research skills training and guides students through every step of the research process
  • Contains 484 videos, with 70% of content exclusive to SAGE
  • Students can access content at any time, and instructors can embed videos in their course management systems
  • Includes an entire 15-hour introductory statistics course, which students can access again and again, ensuring that they master the concepts.

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