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Bloomsbury Architecture Library


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu einer umfassenden Sammlung von Ressourcen zu den Bereichen Architektur, Städtebau und Innenarchitektur. Kern der Core Collection bildet das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) und der University of London 2019 vollständig neu aufgelegte Referenzwerk "Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture" (21st Edition). Ergänzt wird die Sammlung durch mehr als 40 Titel aus dem Bloomsbury-Verlagsprogramm, das eine breite Palette wissenschaftlicher eBooks zu Architektur, Architekturgeschichte, Architekturtheorie, Design, Städtebau, Landschaft und Innenarchitektur bereithält, darunter u.a. "The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design", sowie über 2.800 Fotos, Zeichnungen und Baupläne.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Taylor & Francis umfasst die Sammlung Architecture Design & Practice Online über 240 Titel mit Schwerpunkt auf Entwurf, technischen Details und Berufspraxis. Zu den Themen zählen u.a. digitaler Entwurf, historische Konservierung, Lichtplanung, Werkstoffe, Skizzieren und Zeichnen, Nachhaltigkeit und Städtebau. Updates: halbjährlich (Core Collection).

Bloomsbury Architecture Library


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Bloomsbury Publishing

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  • Core Collection
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  • Architecture Design & Practice Online Collection
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Fully-searchable throughout, browsable by theme, or accessible through interactive features such as the visual timeline and world map, the content includes introductory guidance as well as in-depth research – making the Bloomsbury Architecture Library an essential resource for academics and students concerned with the history, theory, and practice of architecture.

The Bloomsbury Architecture Library consists of two separate collections, the Core Collection and Architecture Design & Practice Online, available for separate purchase. When purchased together, the collections are fully-cross-searchable, allowing users to seamlessly access cultural and contextual content alongside technical and design content – breaking down boundaries between 'silos' of knowledge and relating academic theory to studio practice. Further collections are planned for the future.

  • The Core Collection
    Explore 5,500 years of the world's architecture through Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture 21st edition; browse through an interactive visual timeline of global architectural history; or undertake in-depth research through Bloomsbury's library of architecture ebooks.

    The Core Collection includes:

    • Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture 21st Edition
      Produced in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects and the University of London, and exclusive to the Core Collection, the landmark new edition of this iconic reference work includes:
      • Two volumes, seven parts and 102 chapters that clearly divide 5,500 years of architecture by cultural context, resources, and technologies for easy comparative analysis
      • Unparalleled detail on the world's architecture from pre-history to the present day
      • A global focus, reflecting the very latest scholarship in global architectural history
      • Descriptions of thousands of major buildings, accompanied by over 2,200 photographs, drawings, and building plans including new and original material.
      This is the first full re-write since Banister Fletcher was alive, with updates by over 100 experts.

    • Critical and Contextual eBooks
      Explore an extensive library of eBooks from Bloomsbury's fast-growing, forward-thinking list of architecture publications. Topics range from architectural history, to architectural politics, urbanism, landscape, and interiors – all designed to provoke further thought and support research.

    • Building Pages
      Individual building pages bring together the most essential information about the world's most important buildings all in one place.

      These pages include a building's location, dates, architects/designers, building type and key materials. It also includes images and short descriptive text, plus useful links through to the rest of the resource.

    • Timeline
      Bloomsbury Architecture Library features an interactive timeline, putting the world's key buildings and architectural history in perspective. It provides context for movements, themes and periods throughout 5,500 years of history.

      Users can click on the images to discover more, with links through to the Building Pages and in-depth reading via reference articles and books chapters.

    • World Map
      Browse the world's architecture through the interactive world map. The map links through to the rest of the resource, and highlights the number of building pages and articles available per region. This feature supports smooth and straightforward location-specific research.

    • Sir Banister Fletcher Glossary
      From abacus to ziyada, the Sir Banister Fletcher Glossary contains over 900 key architectural terms, clearly explained and defined. Taken from Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture, the glossary covers a complete range of technical, design, and historical terms, including non-English language vocabulary, and serves both as a core reference resource and an invaluable primer to enhancing the reader's understanding of global architectural history.

  • Architecture Design & Practice Online
    In partnership with Taylor and Francis, the Architecture Design & Practice Online collection includes over 200 titles focusing on studio design, technical detail, and professional practice – perfect for the student and the professional designer.

    Topics include:
    - Digital Design
    - Historic Preservation
    - Lighting Design
    - Materials
    - Professional Practice
    - Sketching and Drawing
    - Sustainability
    - Urban Design

  • Future collections include:

    • Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World 2nd edition (2021)
      Exclusive to the platform, the definitive resource for the study of the world's vernacular and traditional building cultures. The second edition of this classic work will present a major development in the field, its expanded scope capturing two decades of concerted effort to document and understand the world's fast-disappearing traditional and vernacular building cultures.

      It will feature 3,000 illustrated entries written by the world's leading scholars of vernacular architecture and material culture, all fully cross-searchable and browsable by theme.

    • Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture (2022)
      Filling a major gap in architectural historiography - the first authoritative reference to women architects and their work, and to key terms for gender and feminism in architecture. With over 1,000 entries and 600 images, covering 135 countries, all fully cross-searchable and browsable by theme, online and exclusive to the platform.

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