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Bloomsbury History: Theory & Method


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Veröffentlichungen zu Theorien und Methoden der Geschichtsschreibung. Enthalten sind 100 exklusive, peer-reviewed Artikel von Autoren aus 25 verschiedenen Ländern, die sich mit Schlüsselkonzepten, Denkern, Debatten, Methoden zur Analyse von Primärquellen, klassischen und neuesten Theorien, Denkschulen sowie Übersichten und Auszügen aus wissenschaftlichen Werken, die das Fach geprägt haben, befassen.

Ferner umfasst die Ressource über 60 eBooks mit Schwerpunkt auf Geschichtsschreibung, Theorie und Methoden sowie das 2021 erschienene, 4-bändige Referenzwerk "Historiography: Critical Readings", hrsg. v. Q. Edward Wang. Updates: Updates: jährlich.

Bloomsbury History: Theory & Method

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Bloomsbury Publishing

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Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method is the first one-stop online resource to explore the theory, methods and historiography which underpin history as a discipline. It encompasses an extensive variety of new articles which examine:

  • Selected excerpts from classic historical works which have helped shape the subject
  • Key concepts, thinkers, and debates
  • Methods for analysing primary sources
  • Established and cutting-edge theories and schools of thought

Wherever possible content is global in scope and has been written by expert scholars from around the world with students in mind. With articles ranging from concise introductions to more detailed explorations, the resource allows students to develop their understanding and for faculty to pitch content at the right level for those being taught.

Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method is an essential resource for students of History and related fields.

Content Highlights:

  • 100 exclusive articles written by authors from 25 different countries across five continents. Examples of articles include: Historical Culture; Marxism and Its Influence; Global History in China; Micro-History; Posthuman History; The Abuse of History; Philosophy of Historiography; Diaries; Autobiographies; Folklore; Museum Objects; Livy, History of Rome; Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; Afrocentricity; Empathy; Gender; Medievalism; Social Movements; Bala Usman; Catherine Macaulay; Joan Wallach Scott; Johann Gustav Droysen; and R.G. Collingwood.
  • 60+ academic eBooks focused on historiography, theory and methods. Titles include Using Non-Textual Sources, Global History, Globally, History in Times of Unprecedented Change and An Introduction to Historical Comparison.
  • Historiography: Critical Readings, a four-volume major reference work on the global history of historiography. The volumes examine – Ancient and Medieval Traditions / Transition and Transformation / Scientific Models: From the West to the World / Challenges and Criticisms: From the 1990s to the Present
  • A bespoke taxonomy and in-resource links which allow you to discover the most relevant content
  • An interactive timeline that enables a clear sense of chronology and places ideas, texts and historians in context

Coming Soon

Over 200 new and exclusive articles will be added to the platform in its first two years, with many more to follow annually from that point. These updates will be supplemented by the addition of further relevant Bloomsbury eBooks, as well as bibliographic guides and lesson plans, every year.

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