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Emerald Subject Collections


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 200 Fachzeitschriften des Verlages Emerald zu allen wichtigen Bereichen der Managementforschung (mit 21 Teilbereichen, u.a. Marketing, Buchhaltung, Human Resource Management, Public Sector Management, Qualitätsmanagement, Strategisches Management, Change Management, inklusive Bibliotheks-, Informations- und Wissensmanagement), darunter international führende Titel wie "Management Decision", "European Journal of Marketing", "Leadership & Organization Development Journal" und "Journal of Consumer Marketing and Library Management". Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1989 ff. (Abstracts), 1994 ff. (Volltext).

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- Emerald Management eJournal Subject Collections

- Emerald Online Subject Collections

- Emerald Engineering eJournal Collection

- Emerald Management First Collections

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Emerald Subject Collections offer high quality content within 22 subject areas:

- Accounting and Finance

- Built Environment

- Business Ethics and Law

- Economics

- Education

- Engineering

- Enterprise and Innovation

- Healthcare / Healthcare Management

- Human Resource Management

- Industry and Public Sector Management

- Information and Knowledge Management

- International Business

- Learning and Development

- Library and Information Studies

- Management Science / Management Studies

- Managing Quality

- Marketing

- Operations and Logistics Management

- Organization Studies

- Performance Management and Measurement

- Strategy

- Tourism and Hospitality

What does a subscription include?

Subscribers to any Emerald Subject Collection will receive:

  • Perpetual access to all research published during the year of your subscription and rented access to full text dating back to 1994
  • Integrated and intuitive search and browse functionality with HTML or PDF formats available
  • Subscribers will also benefit from a number of support resources including For Authors, For Librarians, Research Zone, Learning Zone and Teaching Zone.

Why choose Emerald Subject Collections?

  • Tailored - with each collection based around a specific management discipline, you can ensure that the information you receive is directly relevant to your interest area.
  • High quality - Emerald's scholarly journals are peer reviewed and many are Thomson Reuters (ISI) ranked. All of Emerald's book series contain commissioned content, so users can be assured that they are accessing verified quality research.
  • Cost-effective - by tailoring your subscriptions to specific subject areas you will not pay for information that is not relevant, and if a new title is launched or acquired in your collection, then you will automatically receive access as soon as the content is available online ... at no extra cost.
  • Continuous access - all research is available online through a simple search and browse facility, which can be used by any number of people at the same time.
  • No embargoes - your subscription will provide you with immediate access to the latest articles and chapters in your chosen subject area(s) as they are published.
  • Save time - with journal and book series available through one integrated platform, you will save vital search time by pinpointing the right information quickly.
  • International - access research from an international author base to ensure a global perspective.

Who should subscribe to an Emerald Subject Collection?

Each of our collections includes research papers from an international author base that support the academic community. Our commitment to high quality ensures that our content is suitable for citation by students, researchers and faculty.

Our publishing philosophy of research that you can use means that each collection also contains research which can be practically applied by managers in day to day business.

Subscription options

Emerald Subject Collections are organized into the following subscription options:

  • Emerald Management eJournal Subject Collections - 21 online collections containing journals within business and management.
  • Emerald Online Subject Collections - 14 online collections containing both book series and journals within business and management.
  • Emerald Engineering eJournal Collection - an online collection of journals covering all major aspects of engineering and technology.
  • Emerald Management First Collections - online collections available with Emerald Management First, our unique online business and management library.

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