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Oxford University Press: Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)


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Inhalt :: Content

Oxford University Press bietet das Erwerbungsmodell Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) mit einer Laufzeit von 12 Monaten für folgende Produkte an:

Verlag :: Publisher

Oxford University Press

Preis :: Price

  • Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO)
    • Full Collection EBA
    • New HSS Collection EBA
      (9 Fachbereichsmodule: Classical Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology, Law)
    • New STM Collection EBA
      (8 Fachbereichsmodule: Bio, Maths, Neuroscience, Palliative Care, Physics, Psychology, Public Health and Epidemiology, Social Work)
    • New Law, Business, Government EBA
      (4 Fachbereichsmodule: Business & Management, Economics and Finance, Law, Political Science)
    • OSO Biology
    • OSO Business and Management
    • OSO Classical Studies
    • OSO Economics and Finance
    • OSO History
    • OSO Law
    • OSO Linguistics
    • OSO Literature
    • OSO Mathematics
    • OSO Music
    • OSO Neuroscience
    • OSO Palliative Care
    • OSO Philosophy
    • OSO Physics
    • OSO Political Science
    • OSO Psychology
    • OSO Public Health and Epidemiology
    • OSO Religion
    • OSO Social Work
    • OSO Sociology
    • OSO Archaeology
    • OSO Chemistry
    • OSO Clinical Medicine and Allied Health
    • OSO Computer and Information Science
    • OSO Earth Sciences and Geography
    • OSO Education
    • OSO Environmental Science

  • University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO)
    (unter Ausschluss der Titel von Manchester University Press, Liverpool University Press, University of California Press, MIT Press, Yale University Press)
    • UPSO All content EBA
    • UPSO Anthropology
    • UPSO Archeology
    • UPSO Architecture
    • UPSO Art
    • UPSO Biology
    • UPSO Business and Management
    • UPSO Classical Studies
    • UPSO Computer Science
    • UPSO Earth Sciences and Geography
    • UPSO Economics and Finance
    • UPSO Education
    • UPSO Environmental Science
    • UPSO Film, Television and Radio
    • UPSO History
    • UPSO Information Science
    • UPSO Law
    • UPSO Linguistics
    • UPSO Literature
    • UPSO Mathematics
    • UPSO Neuroscience
    • UPSO Palliative Care & Oncology
    • UPSO Philosophy
    • UPSO Physics
    • UPSO Political Science
    • UPSO Psychology
    • UPSO Music
    • UPSO Public Health, Epidemiology & Infectious Diseases
    • UPSO Religion
    • UPSO Social Work
    • UPSO Society And Culture
    • UPSO Sociology

  • Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO)
    • OHO Full Collection EBA

  • Oxford Medicine Online (OMO)
    • OMO Full Collection EBA

  • Oxford Clinical Psychology (OCP)
    • OCP Full Collection EBA

Preise auf Anfrage / Prices on request

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

What is Evidence Based Acquisition?

Through usage data, you will be able to monitor which titles are accessed the most. By the end of your EBA period, you will be able to make an informed purchase, selecting only the titles you know will be used at your library.

How does EBA work?

  • STEP 1
    We will share customized pricing for the EBA titles for your institution. Once you've made your deposit, your EBA access period begins.

  • STEP 2
    Enjoy access to all the agreed upon titles or collection for twelve months.

  • STEP 3
    At the end of the twelve month access period, we will provide you with COUNTER-compliant usage data, and you decide which titles to purchase. These titles then form part of your permanent collection.

What does EBA mean for my library?

EBA means your patrons will have access to high-quality, high-impact scholarship, plus our usage reports will help your library make data driven decisions regarding what to purchase.

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